Other projects

Installation of ceramic objects, 2019.

Like Pluto's little angel and demon, (Pluto, Mickey mouse's faithful companion dog) who are fighting to try to convince Pluto to follow his angelic or evil advice, these Red and Blue characters are the representation of an inner duality in Me. Unlike Pluto's, these characters represent neither Good nor Evil, but a multiplicity of changing personalities that influence decisions and constitute the Me.


Installation of ceramic objects on acrylic paint on canvas, cherry juice, 2018.

Sequel to Never let me go II.
Never let me go III explores the worth of the non-visible. In the same way as the vital organs, the most important things are not always exposed to our eyes, but remain just as real and degradable as what is visible.
Multitudes of things exist without us having the possibility to see them. We assume their existence with common sense, but that does not prevent us from neglecting them all the same because what is not visible to the naked eye, very often appear to us as less real.
And when the crucial moment comes when the degradation is too great and advanced we try by all means to repair it, but it often happens too late to save the bet and leads us to our own destruction.
The viewer can buy the ceramic organs, the price is fixed according to its weight, like meat at the butcher (1€/g). When the organ has found its buyer, only its outline at its location will remain on the canvas, as a memory marked by its absence.
This series of works takes its title from Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never let me go: a story of three human clone teenagers serving as a organ bank.


Series of paintings, acrylic on canvas, 2017.