Madoka Rindal was born and raised in Japan. As a child and a teenage, she gets a french education while living in Tokyo. When she turns 18 years old she leaves Japan to Paris for applied art studies. After working as a graphic designer in different fields for many years, she chose to devote herself to ceramics.

Greatly influenced by the Wabi-Sabi aesthetics, the praise of “perfect imperfection”, Madoka makes her ceramics to create everyday objets for daily use. She believes in the idea that any material object disintegrates with time, get destroyed or damaged by accident, but dented or broken object has a particular beauty in its singular flaw.

On these objects, a cup, a plate or a bowl, Madoka appends one or several faces, always in a peacock blue, as for breathing life into each one of her pieces.

Madoka has always drawn and artistic research (paintings, drawings, sculptures…) is an important part of her creating process. Ceramics are for her the link between artistic objets and daily objets.

All her items are in stoneware, handbuilt, fired and glazed in her atelier in Romainville, just outside of Paris. The faces on the ceramics are drawn with glaze on a paintbrush.